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Australian Chitokai Karate Association

The Australian Chitokai Karate Association has a group affiliate status with the Ryusei Karate-Do Association. The Australian association is headed by Brian Hayes, 6th dan and renshi (master instructor). Hayes-Renshi was the Chief Instructor of the Australian Chito-Ryu Karate Association from 1992 to 2004, when the association voted to pursue independent study of O-Sensei’s method of Chito-Ryu. After inviting Sakamoto–Sensei to Australia in 2005, the association expressed a keen desire to develop closer links with the Ryusei system, and particularly to invite Sakamoto-Sensei to accept the position of Technical Advisor to the Australian Chitokai Karate Association.

Hayes-Renshi also holds his 4th dan ranking in Okinawan kobudo (weapons) and 1st dan in iaido (sword drawing). He has represented Australia in full- and non-contact karate and was a regular member of the NSW Karate Federation State Team from 1989 to 1996, both as a competitor and coach. Hayes-Renshi has won Australian titles in Koshiki full-contact karate, non-contact WKF Karate, and Arnis, or Phillipine stick fighting. In 2001, Hayes Renshi was awarded the Grand Champion's cup at the 7th World Chito-Ryu Karate championships, in Kumamoto, Japan.

President: Lisa Relic
0408 497880
02 49591337



Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre
Warners Bay
(Full-time dojo – National Headquarters)
Unit 3D/321 Hillsborough Rd.
Warners Bay , NSW
Ph. 61 2 49568876
E-mail: sales@huntermartialarts.com.auz

Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre
Belmont North
(Full-time dojo)
Unit 6 390 Pacific Highway
Belmont North, NSW
Ph. 61 2 49458876
Email: hvmac@bigpond.com

Cessnock Chitokai
Dojo Head: Matthew Orr-Sensei
8 Condon Ave.
Cessnock 2325 NSW
+61 (02) 49904776
Email: mattorr1982@hotmail.com