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“Ryushu” means "Dragon's Hand." It is also the name for the Ryusei Karate-Do North America newsletter. Ryushu will be devoted to explanations of the techniques, history, philosophy and events of Ryusei karate.


2014 Chito-Ryu: The Next Generation by Peter Giffen
  Ryusei Manual Published
  My Journey to Koryu Kata by Matt Mannerow
  Shane Y. Higashi: A Life Lived in Karate by Peter Giffen

Can You Defend Yourself? by Peter Zehr



2011 In Search of the Origins of Te by Ken Sakamoto
  Anatomy of a Fight by Capt. Jamie Creelman
  Hit Without Thinking by Matt Mannerow
  Not by Any Stretch by Erik Stone

Slow Down to Speed up by Chris Moran

  Henshuho Pointers by Peter Zehr
  Japan 2010 by Matt Mannerow
  A Study in Fusion by Brian Hayes


2009 Florida Winter Getaway 2009 by Roland J. Figgs, Sr.
  Illustrating Our Manual by Kambiz Miranbigi
  A Path of Martial Training by Peter Zehr
  Power to Your Technique by Matt Mannerow
  Block the Line by Peter Giffen

The Greatest Martial Arts Movie Ever Made by Peter Giffen



2008 Shihohai: The Ceremonial Kata
  When the Dust Settles
  Kumite as Kata
  That Sinking Feeling
  New Members
  The Way to Japan

The Chinese Connection





Report on Embukai 2006


Canada in 2007


A Ryusei Road Trip


Scenes with O-Sensei


When Push Comes to Punch




2006 Sakamoto-Sensei Down Under
Anatomy of an Oizuki
Technical Manual Translation Update
Hard to be Soft
Japanese Winter 2006 Ryushu

New Technical Advisor




2004 Canada's plans for 2004
Sakamoto-Sensei: On Instruction





2003 A New Year,
a New Organization
United States Plans for 2003
Ryusei Karate Grows in Canada
Winter Madness





Ryusei Karate-Do: A Personal Perspective