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Illustrating Our Manual


In trying to create a kyu belt manual for Ryusei Karate-Do, we were faced with a difficult challenge in how to illustrate our kihon, kata and kaisetsu. We didn't have the money to hire an illustrator, and no one in our organization had the requisite skills.

So we were lucky when Kambiz Miranbigi and Rick Going joined the organization. The instructors of Ryusei Karate-Do Ottawa offered to undertake the job. As the model for the illustrations, Rick brought to the table many years of experience as a national-level competitor.

For his part, Kam is not only an experienced karateka but he is the owner of FX Masters, specializing in video and animation production and training. Rather than illustrating the manual traditionally, Kam elected to use his technical wizardry. He photographed Rick doing all the moves and then, working principally in Adobe Photoshop, he translated the photos into illustrations.

The transformation process was fascinating. So we thought we would give the technical and art nerds among you a glimpse into the magic behind the motion in the pages that follow.



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