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Why We Do Kata


What is the purpose of kata? Many students ask this question. A kata is a series of linked techniques in which a number of different things are accomplished. Here are some points to consider:   

Matt Mannerow

1.     Kata are designed to stimulate your reflexes and to strengthen the body.

2.     Each kata works different muscles and puts the body in different positions. Because of the great variety of possible techniques, there are many different katas.

3.     When doing kata, make sure that each individual technique is completed and not rushed, or the kata will become sloppy. 

4.     Doing kata you always win your confrontation with the imaginary attackers. This mindset helps you to gain confidence.

5.     Kata enable you to develop your tanden (the area where ki or internal energy resides), helping you to attain more power and stability.

6.     Each kata tells a story that has slow parts, fast parts, soft parts and hard parts. Used together in a variety of combinations in kata, these different ways of doing technique help to develop timing and rhythm.

7.     Kata provide different fighting scenarios, demanding that you use a variety of techniques, and help you to learn myriad self-defence applications.

8.     Kata teach you to defend yourself from multiple attackers.

9.     You must have the mindset that you are doing kumite when you perform kata. Imagine the attacker’s hand or foot coming towards you and then defend against it.

10.  Kata help you to improve your imagination.

11.  When doing kata, you are defending yourself against your mirror image.   

Matt Mannerow

Kata is a great tool for practising on your own and learning self-defence. And these are just a few of the great benefits of kata. You have to dig deep to understand the meeting of kata. Everything is not as it appears.


Matthew Mannerow
Grey-Bruce Ryusei Karate-Do